Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to run the MARTINI force example with the most recent version of EMC. WF and W beads have been omitted from the martini.prm file, but that is a small fix.

Regardless, I’m getting a seg fault error when I try to run. Not sure what the problem is.

As a note to Pieter, I feel like having a version of EMC on GitHub would be super helpful to the community. I use the software enough that I would be more than happy to help with maintenance. I imagine that there are others that feel the same.


Hi Nick,

It sounds like there are some issues with the code. Do you have the accompanying files to debug the issue?


Hi Pieter,

You can just run the example you gave in the examples/build/field/martini folder. I W and WF can be added to one of the template files in the martini folder. I set them them both to P4. You should get the segfault then.