Mass problem

Good morning,

I have a question about mass setting. I set up an initial state with two types atom and the masses were also set like below:


1 1.0

2 1.0

My pushoff script is here:

units lj

atom_style sphere

read_data Hert/initial_state

pair_style granular

But it turns out error when it runs read_data:

Reading data file …

orthogonal box = (-5.92816 -5.92816 -5.92816) to (5.92816 5.92816 5.92816)

1 by 1 by 2 MPI processor grid

ERROR: Cannot set mass for this atom style (…/read_data.cpp:1715)

Last command: read_data Hert/initial_state


The sphere atom style does not use per type masses but has per atom masses that are inferred from the diameter and density settings. So you must not have a Masses section in the data file.
Please see the documentation of the read_data command and specifically what the content of the Atoms section for atom style sphere has to contain.