Materials Project Outage and Potential Outages due to Public Safety Power Shutoff event, 10/10/2019

Hi Everyone,

The massive power outage in Northern California is affecting much of Berkeley, including Lawrence Berkeley Labs and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) center which hosts the Materials Project. Since NERSC has lost power, the Materials Project will also be offline until further notice. This is an unprecedented event in the state of California, so we appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Materials Project is back online due to the kind efforts of the NERSC Spin team, however we may have to go offline again without notice. Thank you again everyone for your understanding while we work through this.

More information on the power outages currently affecting Northern California can be found here:

[Oct 12 2019] We are back online after an extended outage yesterday and through this morning while power was brought back. This should be the last outage associated with this event.