Materials Project Virtual Workshop August 10th–12th, 2021

Materials Project Virtual Workshop, August 10th–12th, 2021. Register now to reserve your spot.

We are excited to announce the 6th annual Materials Project workshop which will be virtual. This workshop focuses on teaching the use of open-source software tools for data-driven materials science utilized at the Materials Project through 100% hands-on teaching from our scientific staff and research group members on cloud-based programming environments. The workshop will be held August 10th–12th, with an introduction to the Python programming language on August 10th. Students will learn how to run materials analysis with pymatgen, integrate the Materials Project data via our API, automate running DFT calculations, leveraging matminer to jumpstart machine learning, and sharing data via MPContribs.

Recordings of the instruction will be posted online at a later date, but hands-on teaching will only be available to workshop attendees.

Since we still want to offer personal teaching to every participant, space will remain limited to 100 people.

Registration fees are $600 for standard registration, $450 for postdocs, and $300 for student registration. Registration fees are used to pay for our cloud-based teaching infrastructure, and any revenue from the workshop will be used to fund further developments of Materials Project capabilities.

We hope we can meet in person one day soon, but until then take care, and we hope you can join us for our second virtual workshop in August!


Kristin Persson

Director, Materials Project


The Materials Project Workshop Team

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