Matminer: cannot import name 'MPRester' from 'pymatgen'

Hi, everyone!
When I’m trying to run e.g.:
from matminer.featurizers.conversions import StrToComposition
it fails and says
cannot import name ‘MPRester’ from ‘pymatgen’

I guess it is related to the problem with new pymatgen version, which was discussed here but the solution presented there is inappropriate here.

I tried:

  1. to install an earlier version of pymatgen by
    conda install -n my_env -c conda-forge pymatgen~=2021.1 scikit-learn plotly tqdm
  2. to install matminer code in developmental mode

but it all didn’t work out.

So I guess, the only solution is to ask the developers of Matminer to update the code…when you will able to do it?
Thank you in advance!