MD simulation for glasses

Dear LAMMPS community,

I am trying to simulate a glass with LAMMPS, but I’m new in this field, if you can help me with a script examples for simulationg my glass.

Sorry, but if you need tutoring you need to find a collaborator or an adviser that can help you. A public forum is not a good place to pick up the necessary skills. Moreover, it is not advisable to start with your specific research project right away, but rather build your skills gradually from simple and well understood (and thus well documented) problems to increasingly more complex ones. There is significant “residual knowledge” in each area of MD simulation that require guidance that is specific to to that area but independent of the software.

A forum like this can help you with setup and discussing the syntax, or how to tweak the simulation settings for more efficiency (i.e. technical issues), but anything related to the science is where you need to find somebody with that expertise that is also interested in investing the necessary time (and that usually means an adviser or a collaborator of that adviser).

Thank you akohlmy for you advice.