modelling the lateral area of a cylinder as wall

Dear Lammps users and developers

My question is about using a curved surface as wall model in Lammps by using “fix wall/region command”.
I want to model fluid flow through a cylinder while the lateral area of the cylinder acts as wall.(i mean wall model by using “fix wall region command”) but the two circles of this cylinder should not be walls. they should be entering and existing faces for fluid molecules.
How can i exclude the two ending circle area of the cylinder from being wall while lateral area of the cylinder is wall? (by using fix wall/region command" or any other appropriate command)

i my self find the way.
to construct such wall one have to create two cylinder one thicker from the other. then subtract the thinner one from the other. then use out side of the resulting region as wall region in “fix wall/region command”. it works successfully.