modifying the LJ potential with a tabulated potential

Dear lammps community,

I am trying to modify the LJ potential such that the minimum is shifted to approximately 0.97 sigma. Now having produced the output in mathematica, I am puzzled. Forces are incredibly high (see attached), and obviously, simulations won’t run. But now I am facing a problem: How do I know the “appropriate” value for force that will be tolerated? For instance, is there an example of a tabulated basic LJ potential to which I could refer?

In the attached file, epsilon is 10, and r_min is ~0.96 sigma. I am looking forward to any suggestions!

Many thanks again for your contribution & help!


LJ-modified.pot (11.8 KB)

Please check that the last column is really the force, F = -dE/dr.

For an example of a correctly formatted table potential, try running the pair_style python example and check the file that it generates.