moving group in a periodic box

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26.04.2013, 23:45, "Mehdi Eftekhari" <[email protected]>:

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I know your argument was right, but I cant deform the box unless I use "fix npt" with zero pressure.

Have you tried using fix_deform or change_box with, for example, fix nve? Do try. You _can_ change box shape without fix npt, as Dr. Kohlmeyer already told you.

if you did such a simulation, can you give some advice or "a series of commands" that could do the simulation?
I want to deform matrix and CNT simultaneously, and grab the stress-strain curve.

I did not perform such a simulation myself, so the best recommendation I can give here is also searching through the mailing list. Concerning your approach, I personally think that, first, you do not need periodic boundary conditions in z direction at all, because you already simulate action of bulk atoms by applying force or displacement to your matrix atoms with fix. Second, I don't think you really need to relax x and y to zero pressure. At least you can try to keep them fixed and see how large will be the x and y pressure components. That being said, you can use periodic boundary conditions along x and y and, e.g., "s" boundary in z direction. And you can use fix nve or fix nvt for integration.

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