Mp-1067248: Reported Symmetry Inconsistent with Lattice

I noticed an issue with the reported symmetry for (details shown below). The lattice is incompatible with the symmetry spacegroup reported as it cannot be Orthorhombic. My analysis identifies P2_1/m (#11) as the spacegroup for the reported structure. It doesn’t seem to be isolated to the web app frontend as my inquiries with MPRester show the same.

Crystal Structure

Lattice (Conventional)
a 2.90 Å
b 3.99 Å
c 4.90 Å
α 90.00 º
β 107.01 º
ɣ 90.00 º
Volume 54.10 ų

Lattice is given in its conventional crystallographic setting.

Atomic Positions
Wyckoff Element x y z
2c Ti 0.641384 3/4 0.284766
2c Ni 0.915362 3/4 0.829275
Crystal System Orthorhombic
Lattice System Orthorhombic
Hall Number -C 2c 2
International Number 63
Symbol Cmcm
Point Group mmm

The same issue for mp-85 In. The In has Point Group 4/mmm (True). But the symbol show Fm3m (False)

We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the upcoming data release.

– Jason

Thanks for verifying.