Mp_api charge density from material_id convenience function gives MPRestError

with MPRester(api_key) as mpr:
    chgcar = mpr.get_charge_density_from_material_id("mp-149")
MPRestError: REST query returned with error status code 403 on URL with message:
Response {
  "message":"You cannot consume this service"

Sort of a bump to Can't access charge density · Issue #631 · materialsproject/api · GitHub

This is the example from the docs

Hi @sgbaird,

as of now, this endpoint is not open to the public yet (but hopefully will be soon). I added your MP account with the gmail address to the group that has permissions to use the endpoint.


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To clarify; it is open to the public, but via request. We definitely hope for it to be fully public very soon however since the paper for this dataset was just accepted!

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FYI the charge density endpoint is now fully public. No need to request access anymore but please use with care. Thanks!