Hello every one, I have been having issues with MSD dump file it empting with no any result. what are the possible way out

Hi, telling us which commands you are using and your LAMMPS version would be step 1.

this is input command

compute		1 all msd com yes 
fix		1 all ave/time 1 1 500 c_1[*] file dump.msdfile1
variable msd equal c_1[*] 
  • LAMMPS versions have a day, month, and year. You can find it at the top of your log file, or if you run lmp -h. The latest version is 08Feb2023, for example.
  • When checking for bugs, you should checkout the latest version to see if the bug has already been fixed.
  • When posting code, you should wrap it in the backticks (`) or triple backticks for multi-line blocks (```) to prevent this site from formatting your text.
  • It’s a lot easier to help you debug (and for you to help yourself debug) if you create a complete but small example that shows the issue that anyone can run, rather than individual lines. This example should include the input script, data file (if applicable), and the command used to execute LAMMPS.
  • If you’re running on a cluster, files can be empty during a run, but should appear soon after.

This has all been discussed before on this forum.