dear all,
how can we build a nanoparticle using ovito tools

Dear Jalloul,
OVITO might not be the right tool for this job as it is not a crystal building tool. You can use the Expression Selection Modifier in combination with the Delete Selected Particles Modifier or the Slice Modifier to cut particles from a larger crystallite.
Alternatively, if you’re an OVITO Pro user you can use the Python script source to generate your nanoparticles using any of the available Python packages and directly visualize the results. If you have any further questions about this workflow, please let me know.


can vesta build the nanoparticles ??

Hi @Jalal,

Just to give quick insight on how to make people of better help for you:

  • “Build a nanoparticle” is meaningless as is. What kind? What size? What for?
  • Following the previous point what do you want to study about nanoparticles? Quantum properties? Classical properties? Large-scale properties? Coarse-grain models?
  • Hence what software do you plan on using? Have you considered consulting their manual? The documentation might be a good place to start looking for your needs and it might give you hints on which tools to use to achieve your goals.

Answering these points might help you figure out more precisely what you want to achieve. If you still need help, you can ask a more detailed question that people might be able to respond. Throwing random software names asking if they can do this or that is not going to help you figuring out the answer if you are unclear on the purpose.

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Hello, my name is Cyprian. I have a BPharm degree hoping to study nanoparticles at a postgraduate level. I need to write a theoretical nanoparticles paper to boost my chances of being admitted. I’m requesting you to guide me through this.
Regards Cyprian

Hello Cyprian,

This forum is dedicated to discussions and support related to the software OVITO, it is not the appropriate platform for your request. Writing a research paper is a substantial academic task, and it’s expected that you undertake it independently or with guidance from your academic institution.