Need EAM potential file for aluminum alloy. can anyone help?

Need EAM potential file for aluminum ally. can anyone help?

Are you sure that this potential exists?

In the context of science a statement like this without proof is meaningless. That is why papers have to have references!

Imagine how boring the world would be if it was made of Cinderellas. I, myself, would already have jumped from a bridge.

You can check which (aluminium) potentials are included with your version of LAMMPS by going to this folder path-to-lammps/potentials/ and typing in ls -orlt Al*

For what it’s worth, it looks like the EAM potentials with aluminum included within the 24 March 2022 version of LAMMPS are mostly for Al-Cu and Al-Fe systems, but you should look through all of them as well as in the interatomic potentials repository mentioned above. You should also look at whichever publications are mentioned in these files in case they’re parameterized only for certain state points or compositions.

Thank you Tanooj, I guess found the suitable potential