need of latest version of pcff.frc force field file

i need the latest version of pcff.frc force field file because i use material studio and after exporting .car .cor files from material studio and import it to lammps , some of forcefield coefficient are zero and make mistake for simulation.
with best wishes

please note the following:

  • the compatible version has to be included with your copy of materials studio (unless the changed the file format and/or encrypted it).
  • many parameter sets included in materials studio cannot be bundled with LAMMPS since they are licensed and thus not publicly distributable.
  • msi2lmp has not seen any feature upgrade related to compatibility with materials studio in over 10 years. only bugfixes, portability fixes and changes for compatibility with LAMMPS

please also consider the note at the top of the README file stating the known limitations of msi2lmp