New 3D Visualization of Crystal Structures – report bugs here!

Hello everyone!

As of today, we have new 3D crystal viewer on our materials details pages to replace Jmol, which has served us very well over the last few years.

The motivation for a new viewer is so that we can more tightly integrate with our pymatgen crystallographic analysis package, so that we can resolve a few bugs and inconsistencies that were present with the Jmol version, and to support a more rapid development cycle.

We will have a formal release announcement in the coming weeks. However, until then we are having a soft release to give us time to iron out any bugs during the transition, so please report any issues you may encounter here :slight_smile:

Also, if there are any important features from Jmol that you miss, please also tell us so we can prioritize including those features into our new crystal viewer.


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Hey all, I really love the new crystal structure visualization package. I was very pleasantly surprised when I came across it last week.

One aspect that I wonder if can be changed is the fact that you only have 180 degrees of freedom in the elevation perspective. Sometimes I want to keep rotating the structure vertically up and it gets stuck. Of course I can spin the entire structure around azimuthally and bring the perspective back down to see the other side, but it would just be more convenient if I could keep rotating vertically.

Great work, thanks.

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Thanks @wenhaosun! You are actually the second person to ask for this after @kmu, so we will prioritize this for the next release :slight_smile: