New confusions

Hi there!
I download tar package of emc and “untar” it.
Then, setting envrionment well.

But I realized an issue that when I ran the “”, it showed me that:
…/v9.4.4/scripts/ line 37: else: command not found
…/v9.4.4/scripts/ line 50: emc_: command not found

I read the script, but I was confused by a variable ${HOST}.
There is null for linux environment without anaconda env.

So, what does it mean to find out the ${HOST}?

Please drop me a line when you are available.

Thank you for asking the question. I normally set host to my machine name and name the EMC executable accordingly, i.e.


For a Linux system this equates to


You could set the ${HOST} environment variable in ~/.bashrc, for instance.