New LAMMPS installer packages for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows with GPU support

hi everybody,

just wanted to quickly announce that i have updated the windows binary
installer packages to the latest LAMMPS release, which includes
enhancements that were added particularly for the port to windows.

Also, all packages now include the GPU acceleration via the GPU
package, which is compiled in mixed precision for OpenCL 1.2. At the
moment, the OpenCL kernels can only be statically adjusted/optimized
for specific devices, so i went with settings suitable for a Fermi
generation Nvidia GPU. Work on improving OpenCL support for automatic
tuning and device specific optimizations as well as to extend it to
CPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors has started recently.

the non-GPU accelerated part of the code is not affected by this.

please report and successes or problems to this mailing list or to me

for those of you that already downloaded and installed the older
installer packages, please be advised that you should upgrade to the
latest version, which eliminates several problems in the installer
scripting (the windows os is a strange animal)
and contains many improvements.