New LAMMPS Windows Installer Binaries for 11 Aug 2017 release candidate

hi everybody,

as part of the upcoming stable LAMMPS release, we are bringing back the installer packages for windows.

i’ve just uploaded a new set of installer packages of the latest release candidate version to

these are no longer built from the (retired/obsolete) LAMMPS-ICMS branch, but are now built directly from the LAMMPS sources that match the corresponding release.
this required some changes to the build process, since some of the hacks in LAMMPS-ICMS to simplify the build with a cross-compiler are no longer present.

as a consequence, some things may be broken now, and this is where you can help out. if you are running LAMMPS on Windows, please try out the new packages and give us feedback here or on github at:

the upshot of the changes to the build process is, that it can now be fully automated and we will be able to provide packages for all future stable and patch release versions, and daily builds off the master development branch. The scripts and tools for building these installers with mingw cross-compilers on linux are provided on github at:

thanks in advance,