No output for density of states

Dear all,
When I’m using the phonon option, there is no phonon density of states in the output file. Is there any problem in Dos output?

Thanks very much.
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There shouldn’t be a problem with phonon DOS. Of course if your system isn’t periodic then you won’t get a phonon DOS and the quality will depend on how many k points you specified? If you can post your input then it would easier to suggest what the issue is.

Thanks for your reply, Julian. And I use the GULP-6.0 and run in parallel, which may be concerned with the problem I met.
Here’s my GULP input:
optimise conp compare phonon

1 cell
10 atom

pcell 2.4595

C 8.770243926626 12.130000000000 10.000000000000
C 8.770243926626 16.390000000000 10.000000000000
C 10.000000000000 10.000000000000 10.000000000000
C 10.000000000000 14.260000000000 10.000000000000
C 10.000000000000 18.520000000000 10.000000000000
C 8.770243926626 10.710000000000 10.000000000000
C 8.770243926626 14.970000000000 10.000000000000
C 8.770243926626 19.230000000000 10.000000000000
C 10.000000000000 12.840000000000 10.000000000000
C 10.000000000000 17.100000000000 10.000000000000


dispersion 1 50
0.0 to 0.5

output phon phonon
output xyz coord

If you add “shrink” to specify a grid of k points for sampling the DOS then you should generate the DOS as expected. It’s best to run separately from the dispersion since in general the best set of k points for DOS and dispersion are not the same.


Thanks very much for your reply! I got it.