No partial dislocation for bcc by DXA

There are partial dislocations in the body centered cubic lattice, but only whole dislocation dislocations can be calculated by the DXA analysis. May I ask how to partial incomplete dislocations for the bcc structure.

Generally speaking, to find partial dislocations in a crystal, one first needs to identify stacking faults or coherent grain boundaries in that crystal, because partial dislocations are always associated with these kinds of planar crystal defects. The DXA function in OVITO can handle stacking faults and coherent twin boundaries only in fcc/hcp/diamond lattices but not in bcc lattices. Therefore, the function will only find full lattice dislocations in this type of crystal, and partial dislocations, which form the boundaries of stacking faults, won’t be found.

May I ask if there is any papers or technology available for handling stacking faults and coherent twin boundaries in bcc lattices? If you have any ideas, please tell me. I would greatly appreciate it.

Please excuse the late reply.

I don’t have first-hand experience with this tool, but perhaps it could be of use to you. I saw that this analysis algorithm can mark atoms that are part of bcc planar faults and twin boundaries.

GitHub - jomoeller/bda: BCC Defect Analysis.

Thank you very much! It’s my honor to receive your reply. I will study the content you sent hard. Thank you again.