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hello users

I want to add some water atoms in the below mentioned region using fix deposit command.
region void cylinder z 42 28 20 -3 50 units box
group void region void
group group2 type 1 2
fix 22 group2 deposit 1 2 10 87345 region void near 3.0 vx -0.2 0.2 vy -0.2 0.2 vz -1.5 -1.0 units box

thermo_style custom step temp pe press vol density atoms

from the thermo style I can see that atoms increases(atoms are added) but not able to see in my dump file to know whether it has added in my specified region or not?? is there any way to visualize the file in vmd after atoms are being added.

Before worrying about VMD, I suggest you just write a LAMMPS dump
file to see if it has the new atoms depsosited where you expect them.