Nomad-Oasis change storage folder


I installed Nomad-Oasis on a VM a few days ago for testing purposes.
Now I want to change the storage directory for Nomad-Oasis in the docker-compose.yaml file to another directory.
Where in the docker-compose.yaml file do I have to make the change? The documentation mentions that this is possible.

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The default docker-compose.yaml that is described in the docs only mounts the .volumes folder. If you followed the instructions, the .volumes folder is located alongside the docker-compose.yaml.

If you look at the docker-compose.yaml you will find several volumes that host/bind mount this directory. This happens in the app, worker, and north service (and mongo for a potential backup directory).

If you want to move the .volumes folder, just move the folder and change all occurrences of ./.volumes accordingly. You can use absolute paths or paths relative to the docker-compose.yaml (or where you would run the docker compose commands.

Keep in mind that the .volumes folder and everything in it has to be readable and writable by user 1000. Ideally the “.volumes” (or whatever you name it) folder always belongs to this user.