NOMAD statistics

I remember that there was a page with statistics in the old NOMAD repository. The statistics contained the number of stored calculations performed with each code. Is such a page available in the new online interface?

By the way, the FAQ page ( is broken.

We dropped this static page, because all information (in much more detail and dynamically) is available through the search interface. To see the entries per code, you can go to the methods tab:

It is alway representing the current state, you can apply arbitrary filters to see it change, use different metrics (the pull down right to the tabs over the search bar). You can copy the URL with the desired plot and send it around.

Thanks for the pointer with the broken link. You can reach the actual FAQs here

Oh, the methods tab is exactly what I was looking for. It just did not occur to me to press the Methods button. Thanks for the help.