nphug coupling parameters

hello dear lammps users,
I’m working on a shock wave simulation with nphug ensemble and i’m confused with lammps options on this fix. since simulation results are very much dependent on ergostat heat flow coupling parameter and the strain rate coupling parameter how can i control them with lammps? the only parameters I can modify are pdamp and tdamp and also drag according to manual.if they are some how related to pdamp and tdamp can any one help me with their exact relation? I found a similar question in mailing list from 2011 but it didn’t have a satisfying answer.



Do you mean fix nphug? If so, the doc page
for fix msst has paper citations which may be
relevant. I think they are designed to be used
together. Aidan (CCd) can likely comment.

As an aside, I don’t know what an “ergostat” is. However, it’s one letter away

from an “egostat” which our current administration

could use to good effect. E.g. to damp their “tweet before thinking”

mode of operation …


you are wrong Steve, fix msst and nphug are completely different concepts. since it seems that you do not know the answer please link me to some one professional on this subject . thanks

That would be Aidan - he wrote the Nose/Hoover fixes from

which nphug is derived.