on the use and abuse of the lammps svn and git mirrors at temple

hi everybody,

just wanted to post a quick note on some very annoying
trends that i've been seeing on the svn/git mirror server.

i've noticed that there are some accesses that are contacting
the server regularly in short intervals so i have to assume that
is through some script or other automated mechanism.

in other cases there were numerous accesses from the same
address in _very_ short succession. there is not good reason
for that. if somebody needs to query the repository that often,
i would recommend using the git version, which maintains a
_full_ local copy of the repository and would thus provide even
faster access to the revision history than svn.

please note that the mirror server is updated only once per
day (between 5am and 6am eastern time zone for the svn
server and around 6.30am for the git server), so there is
_no gain at all_ from updating your checkout more often than once a day.

any more frequent and automated/regular access will be
considered abuse and i will block those IP numbers from
accessing the mirror server at all.

the machine hosting the mirror server is hosting other
services as well. except for these new access patterns
from a _very_ small number of users, so far hosting the
svn/git mirrors for lammps has had no impact on the
performance of the other services at all and i hope it
can stay like that.

thanks for your attention,