one question bout LAMMPS

please *always* copy the mailing list on your replies. do not reply to
individual people only. thanks.

Dear Dr. Kohlmeyer,

Sorry, my original input has some remarks and notes, so I delete all of them
before I copy that onto the e-mail.
And I carelessly wiped out one important code " pair_coeff * * ".

which just highlights that it pays off to double check what you post
to the mailing list.

I know what you mean. But why does the error still show the same message
that tells me boost MAXTOUCH.

it doesn't. like i mentioned, not with any version since summer 2013.
this message simply cannot happen, because the string MAXTOUCH
(all-caps) is nowhere in the sources or the documentation.

And according to your statement, there is no any way to solve the problem I
bump into?

this problem cannot exist if you use a current version of LAMMPS. it
doesn't happen for me. so the problem is on your side.