Opening for a PLUMED developer position

Dear all, I am sending this email here in case someone in the LAMMPS community is interested.

We are opening a full-time position for PLUMED software development based at SISSA (Trieste, Italy). The opening will be for a “Tecnologo” (EP level) position funded by the “Centro Nazionale di Ricerca in High Performance Computing, Big Data e Quantum Computing”.

The position will be devoted to the maintenance and development of PLUMED, including: automation, documentation, interfacing with scripting languages, and migration on hybrid architectures.

The ideal candidate will have a deep knowledge of C++ and Python, and experience in the development of open-source software (GitHub and GitLab contributions will be assessed). Knowledge of the PLUMED core code and of GPU programming will be also considered. A Ph.D. or another post-lauream title will be required. Work will be performed in close synergy with other PLUMED developers and with the PLUMED user community.

Salary will be approximately 2kEUR / month after taxes, with a significant increase for candidates with fiscal residence outside Italy in the past 2 years.

The official opening is available at this link. Candidates can apply online using this link.