OpenKIM pkg-config version


after updating to the v2.0 final release I noticed that the pkg-config
version string changed from "2.0.0-beta.3" to "2.0.0+GNU". Apparently
that is not covered by the pkg-config version scheme as it produces the
following error:

err: Package dependency requirement 'libkim-api-v2 >= 2.0.0-beta.3' could not
be satisfied.
Package 'libkim-api-v2' has version '2.0.0+GNU', required version is '>=

This output comes from my build system, but when running
/usr/bin/pkg-config libkim-api-v2 --atleast-version 2.0.0-beta.3
on the command line this also does not work.

Obviously I can fix it by bumping the min revision string to "2.0.0"
but I was wondering about the purpose of the "+GNU" suffix in general.
Is this change inteded and do I have to expect this to be there from
now on?


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this report. The issue is that pkg-config uses the RPM version scheme which doesn't support the SemVer build metadata field (the part starting with the "+" at the end).

I'll implement a fix for this to be released with the next patch version. It will include only version in the form major.minor.patch-prerelease which should be compatible with the RPM version comparison routine that pkg-config uses.

Thanks again.