order of bonds when you use fix/bond create

Hello lammps users.

When you use fix bond/create to create a bond between two atom types

Does the order of the new bonds appearing in the bond list, will it always be in the order that was used in fix bond/create. ie., if we use the fix bond/create like this

fix 1r all bond/create 1 14 15 …

Then in the bond list, the types of the atoms involved in the new bonds ( that is written to the data file), will it always be of the order as listed below

Bondlist (by type)
14 15
14 15

I have checked it it does appear in the same order as fix bond/create, but I am not sure.
This information is essential for my simulation. So please let me know

I don’t know, but why does it matter?

From the code’s perspective, a bond is
a bond, regardless of what order the 2

atoms are in. Any post-analysis or
coding you do, should not rely on the order
of the 2 atoms in a bond.