OuT- of - Plane Streching of Graphene

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My this question is for people who have worked with single layer graphene sheets . As we have seen normally we stretch graphene in in-plane directions during molecular dynamics. However , i wanted to do a simulation in which graphene is stretching in out of plane direction i.e. in direction perpendicular to plane of graphene sheets. i wanted to know if such kind of deformation is possible thruogh graphene sheets .

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I think a literature search is probably going to be more fruitful than asking on the list here because while a lot of people are on this list, the number of people that simulate graphene sheets is even bigger. I am aware of at least one person whose name I forgot that looked at rolling up sheets of graphene, which might serve as a good starting point.

On a side note, if your boundaries are periodic or finite, just apply a force perpendicular to the sheet will do no good because you’ll just lift it up I think.