Ovito no longer reading Dump files?

Hi all,

For some reason, I am finding the the dump files produced via the commands in the manual/ tutorials (i.e. compression tutorial, 4) are no longer being understood by the Ovito software. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I used the following script (modified for compute names):

# Dump to cfg for Ovito post processing
dump     1 all custom 250 dump.comp.* id type xs ys zs c_csym c_peratom fx fy fz

Also, no one was able to figure out why my write_restart command was not working?? My version is definately at least a 2013 LAMMPs version (The file is part of a shared directory on the New Zealand supercomputer, "NeSI cluster).


Mine works just fine. I’m running a Feb 2013 version of lammps. You must be making some mistake. It’s difficult to comment more with this amount of information.

Sorry, in this case it was that my dump files must have been corrupted. I re-ran my original script to produce new dump files, and I re-compiled ovito and it definitely does work.

Still can’t figure out the write_data thing, but oh well!


Your lammps version is too old.
You cannot expect help when not providing sufficient information. Write_data was introduced only a month ago.


Same is the case with me. I am also using Feb. 2013 version of lammps and it works just fine, both with custom and cfg file format. The same also works fine with Aug.2012 version of lammps which i used earlier.


I apologise, you are apparently correct. It is my fault for making an assumption.

I checked the directory: lammps/src/version.h

Apparently, I am running the 11Mar13 version of lammps. I thought that my version would be current enough, but I hadn’t realised that the write_data command was JUST introduced a month ago.

Thanks for responding, and not just ignoring me!