Pair coeff for hybrid has invalid style


The following error is obtained on running my code.

ERROR: Pair coeff for hybrid has invalid style (…/pair_hybrid.cpp:420)
Last command: pair_coeff * * ffield.reax.cho C C

Can someone guide me in solving this problem.
Thanks in advance

units metal
dimension 3
boundary p p m
atom_style full
neighbor 0.3 bin
neigh_modify delay 5

create geometry

read_data data.DWCNT
bond_style morse
bond_coeff 1 4.96345 1.418 2.1867
lattice diamond 3.57
region diamondBox block -50.000000 50.000000 -50.000000 50.000000 -5.000000 31.0000000 units box
create_atoms 1 region diamondBox
group matrix region diamondBox

mass * 12.0107

LJ potentials

pair_style hybrid tersoff airebo/morse 3.0 1 1 lj/cut 9.2
pair_coeff * * airebo/morse CH.airebo-m C NULL
pair_coeff * * tersoff SiC.tersoff NULL C
pair_coeff * * ffield.reax C C
pair_coeff 1 2 lj/cut 0.006578 3.0825 9.2

Please read the documentation and use a search engine like Google. You have to stop posting to the mailing list whenever you encounter a problem. Especially trivial ones, that are easily solved by studying the LAMMPS manual carefully.
If you keep posting them to the mailing list, you will quickly be ignored and won’t get help when you encounter a problem where you will actually and justifiably need expert help.

Please note that people responding here are volunteering their time and thus making a better effort to resolve your problems is a sign of showing respect for that. Your current habit is not.

Thanks, Axel.

Thank you for your response.