Pair coefficients for hybrid pair_style

I have developed a LAMMPS input script to use two forcefield potentials as shown. I intend it to read one data file ( then read and append the second (, which was ok at this stage. However, I seem not to get the pair_coeff for the born and lj/cut/coul since “ERROR: All pair coefficients are not set” pops up! I read the part of documentation, tried over time but same outcome. I need help please.
input.lammps.txt (1.2 KB)

The error message says it all, you did not provide pair_coeff settings for all pairs of atom types.

Try using “info coeffs” command to determine which pairs are missing

Oh, thanks I will do.

Hello akohlmey,
I used the “info coeffs” command, first, for the born style and it prints: Pair Coeffs:1 1 is not set;1 2 is not set; 2 2 is not set. My snag is, how else can it be done? Please, take a look at the parameters and the order in the input.lammps.txt file provided earlier.
Thank you

What you did makes no sense.
You must use info coeffs with your real input and after all pair_coeff commands.

It is very obvious that pairs of parameters missing and thus they must be added.

If you have problems with that, you need to find yourself a tutor that can teach you how to do computer simulations.

Hello akohlmey,
Yeah it works now. Thanks for your help.