pair hybrid/overlay

Dear lammps User’s,

i have a small problem facing while using pair_style hybrid/overlay, as follows;

i have 2 potential and 3 elements in the domain with A and B being same elements,
one potential file is eam alloy type defining A-A ( and B-B) type interaction, and a tersoff/zbl potential with A-C (B-C) type interaction
i want to have the A-A interaction from eam/ally and A(B)-C and C-C from tersoff/zbl potential, is the following format is correct?

pair_style hybrid/overlay eam/alloy tersoff/zbl
pair_coeff * * eam/alloy A.eam.alloy A B NULL
pair_coeff 1*3 3 tersoff/zbl ABC.tersoff.zbl A C B

for this option i am getting an error as ERROR: Incorrect args for pair coefficients (pair_tersoff.cpp:278)

could you please help me?

thanking you
with best regards

You have ot use * * with tersoff as well. See its doc page.
If you think about it there is no way to turn off A-B interactions
in a many-body potential if you are including them with C.
You would have to edit the Tersoff potential file to set coeffs
to 0.0 for interactions you don't want.