PartialsSiteStatsFingerprint request

Hello all,

I wanted to make a feature request. Just wanted to post here for feedback before opening a pull request.

Specifically, I’d like to add a PartialsSiteStatsFingerprint. Much like there is the RDF and partial-RDF fingerprints (partial = broken down by element pairs), I’d like to have a SiteStats and partial-SiteStats fingerprints (partial = SiteStats broken down by element).

Would anyone be interested helping me add this feature? I have the code outlined but haven’t opened a pull-request yet.


This ended up being easier to implement than I expected. There may have been things I overlooked, so it will help if maintainers take a look at the pull request.


Hey @jacksund thanks for the interest! I’ll look over that PR soon

Hi @ardunn. Sorry to keep bothering you about this, but I’d like to use this feature in production. Are you able to look over the PR this week?

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