Passive brownian particle suspension

Dear experts and users,
I am trying to set up a simulation for a colloidal suspension which consists of a spherical colloid and the solvent. I tried learning from various sources how to set it up in LAMMPS. I am optimistic that this can be achieved in LAMMPS.
So what I require is the number of spherical particles in an implicit solvent. I need to define repulsive interaction between all the components. I am confused now about the proper pair style for colloid and how to couple the degrees of freedom of colloid with the solvent. To me it seems, I can achieve this with the Latbolz package but I think the angular velocity of the colloid will never couple with the fluid and my solvent is now explicitly defined.
I am looking for more ideas here. I am confused about implementing FLD, MPCD, or LatBoz. I need spherical bodies, capable of experiencing torque and an implicit solvent model that fits such a colloidal model.