patch for restart2data with pair_style coul/wolf

Dear steve

Is it possible to add a patch for restart2data which could include "pair_style coul/wolf"?

Instead of using "restart2data", try creating a LAMMPS input script
containing these commands (and run LAMMPS):

read_restart file.rst

(Steve just added the "write_data" command to LAMMPS. The data file
will not contain "Coeff" sections. Instead, after you read the data
file, you must load these from an input script containing
"pair_coeff", "bond_coeff", "angle_coeff", "dihedral_coeff", and
"improper_coeff" commands.)



See this link for more information:

I was going to add an option to PairCoulWolf to dump its
info via write_data to a data file, but there is actually no
pair coeffs needed for pair coul/wolf (only pair_coeff * * is
allowed). So this will already work with the new
write_data command, as Andrew says. So we won’t
be adding it to restart2data, since that tool is going
to be discarded.