peri package on revision 7013

I built the current lammps revision 7013 with the openmpi makefile and the peri package. I came up with the following problems:
1) the restart2data tool does not produce the requested file. It comes up with an error that the pair/pmb is not recognized. Hence I can not read the binary after a write_restart.
2) If I run the current example for the peri package where the in.peri file includes the "compute" of damage I see that in the initial step damage is 0 for all atoms as it is supposed to be but in the following steps it becomes 1. This means that there is no computation of damage.
3) If I restart a peri simulation and I add a force with the fix command it appears that the force is not added correctly.

Has anybody run into these problems and knows how to deal with them? I attach the three files. one is from the example problem (in.peri) and the others are from a fictitious problem to test the restart ( and in.new2).


in.new2 (1.63 KB) (1.7 KB)

in.peri (969 Bytes)

I'm going to let Mike Parks look at this. I know he
is working on an updated version of the PD package.