Peridynamics Tensile Test

Hello Users,

I am attempting to set up a peridynamics tensile model. I would like to be able to calculate the modulus at various strain rates. The strain is easy to calculate but I would like to get some input on the best way to calculate the stress. The tensile strain is along the y-axis.

Would I want to use “compute property/atom” to get the forces on the atoms in my “clamp” region, sum those forces in the y-direction and divide by the total area to get stress?

Or would I use “compute stress/atom” in the clamp region and sum those stresses for the total stress?

Or could I simply use the negative pressure in the y-direction?

For clarity, to conduct the simulation, I have a tensile bar aligned in the y-axis. The first 3 particle layers on the top and bottom of the bar are being pulled using “fix move” with a constant velocity.

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I don’t think the Peridynamics part of this makes any difference.
You can monitor the stress tensor (any components you wish)
as you apply strain, just as you would for an atomic scale
system. There are many papers on that topic, so you
can see how they do that. You can also use fix deform
if you don’t want to apply strain to the boundary atoms.