Phana install, fix/phonon

I have calculated phonon dynamic matrix for silicon using fix/phonon command and that created the binary file. According to the author of the fix/phonon Dr. Ling-Ti Kong, to crate phonon dispersion curve and density of state we have to install ‘phana’ post processing tool. I tried to follow the github installation process (installing clpack and tricubic) which is provided by Dr. Kong for multiple time. As I am new to the linux platform, I am unable to install it properly and can’t make executable ‘phana’ . Can anyone help me out how to install it properly in details step by step.

Lammps version: 3rd march 2020 legacy version

Thank you.

Please note that this isn’t really a LAMMPS question but a Linux compilation question.

In my experience, the best kind of help you can get with this would be to ask a local person for assistance, that has experience with compiling software from source on Linux (but not necessarily with LAMMPS let alone the phana program).

Thank you. I will try to reach out to some of my friends expert on linux