Phase diagrams - not working correctly

Last week I was able to specify Li2O and Al2O3 and get the binary diagram and LiAlO2 double metal oxide. Now that does not work - - I have to put Li, Al, and O to get the ternary. Is this an unintentional defect?

Mark McAdon, Dow Chemical R&D

Hi @Mark_McAdon1, I believe the Phase Diagram app on the Materials Project website has been operating inconsistently in the past few days. I can confirm that compound phase diagrams are not working correctly at the moment (at least on my personal computer).

I’ll notify the team and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. In the meantime, note that we have a nice phase diagram viewer implemented in the pymatgen package, which should work even when the MP apps are buggy. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend trying it out! Note that for your purposes, you will want to use CompoundPhaseDiagram. This is a nice tutorial for getting started: