Phase diagrams with compounds

Hi! Thank you for your project. I have a question. On previous site I used phase diagrams for my ceramic speciality. And I used like this BaO-SrO-Al2O3-SiO2 but now I can’t build system with compounds I can only use elements. Is possible to build phase diagrams how it was before?

That type of query is not currently supported unfortunately. You will have to stick to elements. This page might help if you are trying to generate them programatically: Phase Diagrams (PDs) - Materials Project Documentation

– Jason

it’s a pity, it was a killer feature for my specialty

@Yevhen_Chefranov did you do this on the website, or the previous MPRester client?

On website

In principle, we could support this again. I will bring it up at our internal dev meeting.

– Jason

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Thank you! It would be great if it was possible to rotate this in 3D

@munrojm any news about this feature?

One suggestion for the ternary plot (plotly)

It would be nice to replace the default axis names (A B C ) to the name of the elements.

@Lexachoc thank you for your suggestion. We’ll look into it (@ruoxiyang).

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