Planned Changes to LAMMPS Windows Installer Packages

Dear LAMMPS on Windows Users,

We need to simplify the process of building LAMMPS packages for Windows, and for that the following changes are planned:

  • We will be only targeting the 64-bit API for Windows 10 and later. The executables may thus fail to run on older Windows versions.
  • We will only support the (newer) MPI library from Microsoft (MSMPI). The MPICH library we have used for many years is unmaintained and now requires enabling obsolete versions of .NET in Windows to even install it.
  • There will only be the “no admin” packages that perform a per-user installation and not a global installation (requiring system administrator permissions).
  • There will be no more repackaging of the serial package for the Microsoft Store (too few people install that version to warrant the effort).

These changes will be applied for the next releases of LAMMPS. If there are problems with that or significant concerns, please let us know now. You can either post a reply here or contact us at [email protected]