Plasma frequency for exciting

I try to calculate plasma frequency for gold with the exciting code. The experimental value is ~ 8.7-8.9 eV, FHI-aims and VASP give ~8.4-8.6 eV. However, the value obtained with exciting is 7.4 eV. Could you help me with that issue please?

P.S. Apologies for attaching the input.xml in such a way, unfortunately I cannot enclose the file. Hope it would work.

Hi Maria,

Santiago has indicated that he has a fix to this (it’s a bug). I’ve asked him to open a merge request. Once he’s done that, I can push the changes to the public release on Github.

In the future, please use the Upload button to add files, or just copy/paste into the question. Once you remove the files from your google drive, the information is lost.