Polymer thin film friction

I am new to LAMMPS, and I want to simulate the sliding of two polymer thin films and thereby find its friction and wear.
Is it possible with LAMMPS, could you give me some advice?

You seem to be approaching your project backwards.

Before even looking into which software to use, you should make a survey of the published literature to learn what others have done to do similar kinds of studies and which models and methods they applied and what kind of length and time scales they needed to study.

Then you can check out which software packages have the required features and models for that.

And only then should you worry about how to realize your project.

However, your mentioning or “wear” is suspicious. It may be that you are interested into something that is not doable at the atomic level with classical MD timescales. But that is something you should be able figure out from your researching the literature.

Thank you