Populating "run" section using yaml schema

Hello. I want to upload data from a simulation program. The program is currently not recognized by Nomad.
As a starting point, I want to upload the program name and its version. It seems this info should be uploaded to section run, program, quantities name and version. However, a yaml schema like this:

        - name: x
        - version: y

doesn’t work, even though the same logic does work with the workflow2 section:

      - name: z

Does this mean that the run section is protected against yaml schemas? I know that python schemas using normalizer functions can populate the run section, but python schemas need to be installed by a local Nomad Oasis admin, and because we have many simulation programs to come, we would like to avoid python schemas.

The archive parser is currently not doing many syntax checks (originally this was only intended to read files that nomad has written). So, most problems will just be ignored. You have to be careful with lists and objects. run is a repeating subsection (you have to use a list) program is not repeating (and you should not use the - list syntax on name and version).

This works:

  - program:
      name: x
      version: y

The metainfo browser will tell you what sections are repeating and what not: https://nomad-lab.eu/prod/v1/staging/gui/analyze/metainfo/nomad.datamodel.datamodel.EntryArchive/run