Possible bug in Spin-Texture Calculation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the spin-texture calculation for GaAs compound using the EXCITING code.
I have followed the instructions on the EXCITING website (Spin-Texture Calculation - exciting) to perform the spin-texture calculation for GaAs compound. However, when I try to reproduce the results using other DFT codes such as Quantum Espresso or VASP, I notice a discrepancy in the direction of the Sx component of the spin texture plot. It seems that the Sx component has to be multiplied by “-1” to obtain the same texture as the EXCITING code.

I wonder if this is due to a small bug in the calculation of spin texture by the EXCITING code, or if there is another explanation for this difference. Could you please investigate this possibility and let me know your findings?
Thank you for your time and attention
Sincerely yours,
Mohammad Sandoghchi