Post Processing GUI

Hi all,
I would like to be able to save the positions and trajectories of my molecules in the simulation on certain time increments and then use this information in a post processing GUI to create images of very distinct parts of my domain. It would be best if I could zoom into any part of the domain seen in a picture and see the molecules with relatively high resolution. Is this possible with any of the existing GUI’s? If so would you mind recommending one and what type of output from lammps is needed to be input into this GUI?

i cannot talk for most visualization software since i either use the built-in rendering in LAMMPS (dump image or dump movie) or i use VMD. VMD allows very flexible visualization through selecting subsets of the system with its powerful atom selection language. and many things that are not implemented directly, can be added through VMD/Tcl scripting.


Any of the visualization software listed here is a good choice: My personal favorite is AtomEye (with dump cfg).