postdoctoral position @ U. of Cambridge

Job description: Development of fundamental atomistic theory and simulations of polymer glasses under deformation

Applications are invited for a Research Associate position available for a period of 3 years. The project is funded by the US Army Research Laboratory and will be supervised by Dr. Alessio Zaccone. The successful applicant will be a member of the Statistical Physics Group at University of Cambridge.

The scope of the work includes developing an atomic-level theory of deformation, both linear and non-linear, of glassy polymers within the framework of Nonaffine Lattice Dynamics (NALD) using input from numerical atomistic simulations. The final objective is to arrive at a deeper understanding of the microscopic mechanisms of anelasticity, yielding, plastic flow, and strain hardening in glassy polymers. An interface between the atomistic simulations and analytical theory will be built by the successful applicant, with the final result being general semi-analytical laws or correlations which relate atomistic and molecular-level parameters (the materials chemistry) with technologically relevant features of viscoelastic and plastic response.

Applicants must hold a PhD preferably in theoretical physics (candidates with degrees in materials science, materials engineering, theoretical physical chemistry will also be considered) with proven experience working with theoretical methods and computational tools to describe condensed matter systems. They must have a deep understanding and working knowledge of condensed matter physics and materials theory/simulation, and be willing to address topics in lattice dynamics, molecular dynamics, polymer physics and theories of glasses and liquids. An interest for scientific programming and algorithms is also an advantage.

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